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Sanji ZX 70 MK2CL Alarm System

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    Alarm Only OE Vesa / ABS Approved 2 Button Code Hopping Remote Controls Built In Central Locking Relays Ultrasonic sensor Impact Sensor (Only availble on ZX70 MK2E) Hi-Jack (Only availble on ZX70 MK2E) Alarm Only Hi-Tech Security Housing Neg Lock & Unlock Outputs Lock & unlock (via remote in drive) Selective Unlock Facility Protected Outputs Alarm Fast Arm Door open warning chirps Remote Panic Trip Diagnostics (for all inputs) Siren Chirp Disable Auto Rearm Feature (Proramable Option) Ultrasonic miniature sensor 2 Button Code Hopping Remote Controls Learn up to 6 Remote’s Sensor shutdown Lock On Start (Programmable – default ON) Unlock Ignition Off (Programmable Option) Vacuum Pulse (Programmable Option) Tracking Output (Programmable Option) Boot Release (Programmable Option) Hooter Pulse (Programmable Option) Door Pos (Programmable Option) Microswitch Selective (Programmable Option) CL Controller (Programmable Option) ICASA Approval: TA-2013/037


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