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Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD

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    Compatible with HD Voice
    HD Voice, or wideband audio, is the next-generation of voice quality for telephony audio. It shows a higher definition voice quality and a more accurate reproduction of human voice.
    When compared to standard digital telephony, resulting in a more natural sounding speech. Compatible with phones and mobile networks supporting HD Voice.

    Voice control

    You don’t touch the kit nor the phone anymore to make and receive calls! Trigger the kit’s voice recognition by saying the key word ?MINIKIT?.
    TIP: You can also use the keyword ?Hello Siri? with newer iPhone models and use the ?Siri Eyes free? feature!
    When receiving a call, all you have to do is to say ?Accept? or ?Reject?!

    iOS & Android app ?MINIKIT Neo 2?

    The free App offers you 10 exclusives functions including:
    – Activate/deactivate Siri Eyes Free & Magic Words
    – Auto Reply SMS / rejected calls:
    – For Android users: Program the ‘MINIKIT Neo 2′ app to send an automatic SMS reply to incoming calls or text messages while you are driving.
    – For iOS users: Record a customized voice message that will be heard by the caller when you reject their call from your hands-free kit.
    – Find my Car: Find your vehicle on your navigation App. As soon as your Bluetooth kit is disconnected, the App will automatically memorize its GPS position.
    – Parking and Driving time reminders
    – Voice Recognition and Pairing Help

    State of the art telephony functions

    The MINIKIT Neo 2 HD also features all the ?signature? functions of Parrot hands-free devices:
    – Automatic phonebook synchronization
    – Advanced Voice Recognition
    – Text-To-Speech
    – Vocal menus

    Say the key word ?MINIKIT? at any time to trigger the voice recognition, and then say the name of the contact you wish to call.

    Parrot advanced Dual Mode

    The MINIKIT Neo 2 HD is able to connect to 2 phones simultaneously. You don?t have to worry about receiving calls on your personal or professional mobile phone, the MINIKIT will manage both seamlessly.
    Thanks to the Switch function, you can use both phonebooks to make calls: just push the jog-wheel for 2 seconds to reverse your phones order.
    And you can stream music from both phones!

    Bluetooth audio streaming

    The MINIKIT Neo 2 HD features the Bluetooth Audio Streaming A2DP.
    Listen to all your music from your phone and benefit from the voice commands of your phone?s navigation app.
    When you receive a call, the navigation instructions are paused automatically and then resumed when you hang up.

    High definition sound quality

    The flat panel technology provides a clear open sound. Combined with a powerful amplifier, it delivers a 3W power output.
    Audio quality remains the same regardless of the volume.
    Digital Signal Processing allows a drastic reduction of noise and strong echo cancellation.

    Auto start

    Detects when the user gets in his car and automatically switches the product on thanks to its vibration sensor.

    New sunvisor clipping system
    Made of highly resistant plastic, the clip is totally integrated in the design. Now compatible with any sunvisor, whatever the thickness.
    mini kit neo schema

    Compact, elegant design
    – Masterpiece of technology and mechanics
    – 4 new vibrant colors


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